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Hands-Free Rechargeable Bladeless Neck Fan

Hands-Free Rechargeable Bladeless Neck Fan

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Introducing our Portable Neck Fan – a stylish and hands-free solution for staying cool on the move.

Key Features:

Earphone-Inspired Design: Revolutionizing convenience, this fan is uniquely designed to hang around your neck, freeing up your hands while adding a cool and trendy touch to your look.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: The latest leafless design ensures a quieter and safer cooling experience compared to traditional USB fans.

Wireless Freedom: Say goodbye to cumbersome cables with their cordless operation, allowing you to stay cool effortlessly.

Personalized Comfort: Adjust the fan's position easily to tailor the airflow according to your preference, bringing instant relief wherever you go.


Product information:

Material: Plastic
Style: Fashion minimalist
Features: Leafless fan
Color: pink/dark green/blue
Size: 210*145*60mm

Packing list:



360-Degree Cooling:
With a decentralized annular air outlet, experience refreshing breezes from every direction, making it the ultimate antidote to stifling heat.

Stay cool, stylish, and hands-free with our Portable Neck Fan. Embrace the future of personal cooling and order yours now.

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